The Cancer Killer Food – Cure Cancer


Guyabano , custard apple or soursop in English (Scientific Name : Anona muricata Linn.) The Cancer Killer Food – Guyabano tree, may be a natural cancer cell killer. A scientific research published in the Journal of Natural Products in 1996, stated that the bioactivity-directed fractionation of the seed resulted in the isolation of a new compound (cis-annonacin) that is selectively cytotoxic to colon adenocarcinoma cells (HT-29) in which it was far more potent than Adriamycin. Protecting your Immune System and your Infections, Give you Healthy , Strong health treatment.

The Cancer Killer – Cure Cancer


Basically it is found in native to Central America, the Caribbean and South America. Guyabano can be found in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela. Guyabano or Soursop are also native in sub-Saharan African countries. Guyabano or Soursop is adaptable to tropical climate and are currently cultivated for its fruit in most Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. Migraine and headache relief – Guyabano contains riboflavin, which could help with headaches. May help with anemia – Soursop (guyabano) is rich in iron, which could help with iron deficiency anemia. Prevents constipation – Before Rich in fiber, guyabano is one of the many foods to choose if you suffer from constipation.Cancer killer

Bone health – Guyabano contains copper, a mineral promoting the absorption of bone-benefiting calcium. Prevents leg cramps – Potassium in the fruit could help prevent leg cramps. Boosts energy levels – Along with vitamin C, guyabano is known to be rich in B vitamins as well. B vitamins are known to help increase energy levels.

Cancer is cureable and defeatable you need to be strong inside yourself and the way you will have . Nothing is impossible and you make it possible only .

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