Haalim Episode 14 – Novel Namal by Nemrah Ahmed

haalim episode 14

Haalim Episode By Nemrah Ahmed

Haalim Episode 14 The Title of the 14th chapter of Haalim is , “Malika-e-badd” (The Evil Queen) ملکہء بد. Episode isuploaded .

Haalim One of the Best novel Going around the world , Haalim Episode 14 will bring u more excited and astonishing story.


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What to happen in the procurator chapter of ḥalim Espisode 14 ? There is a highlight.

حالم کے چودہویں باب میں کیا ہونے کو ہے ؟ اس کی ایک جھلک پیش خدمت ہے 🙂


haalim episode 14

Haalim Episode 14

As Nemrah Ahemd Halim writer recently Said,

“Dear readers around the world! Assalamoalaikum!

How are you all doing? How is your Ramadan going? I am sort of cramped between fasting and Haalim writing.

To be honest, never have I enjoyed a novel more than Haalim.

I am penning down the 14th episode these days whose last scene is my most favourite twist ever.

I bet even my most genius readers haven’t seen it coming! Though the hints were there since the first episode but I am SO glad that no one guessed it!

Most amazing novel Namal

The main theme of Haalim is, you know, becoming an honest person and letting go of the past!

Interetingly a girl came up to me a few days ago in a family function and asked if she could really go back in time and correct her mistakes and turn over a fresh leaf?.

I was a bit appalled but told her that Haalim doesn’t teach you to go back in time and rewrite your past.

It wants you to learn that you have to let go of the past, and rewrite your future with a better ink.

Another thing that some people complain is that Fateh is a married man and his love triangle with Taaliyah and Asra would sort of be disappointing.

Yes I know….

It’s taboo to write about, lets face it, “home-wreckers” and “second wives” and “complicated marriages”.

But if you notice, all marriages in Haalim ARE complicated.

Taaliyah has a stalker of an ex husband, Fateh has a dull married life, and Adam just broke off with Fatima while being in love with another girl.

THAT is what it is about. Complicated marriages and divorces and relationships.

You can have so many writers in the world telling you stories of smooth marriages that last with “happily everafters” or love triangles that end up in one happy couple and one not-so-sad third person.

But isnt it about time when we pen down stories of divorcing women with stalkers of ex’s? Stories of complicated marriages and unsupportive wives? Stories of break-ups? And “how to move on after that”?

There are so many people out there struggling with break-ups and broken hearts, so why not write their stories?

While I may not be able to answer all the complicated questions in their minds, I am sure I will show them “hope” after “destruction” because that is what so many out there need!

So don’t worry about taboo themes or complicated marriages. Writers cant write what people want to read. We have to write what people need to read. So read such themes with an open mind and as long as a writer isnt writing anything immoral or against cultural or religious values, it is perfectly fine! You might hate the idea of a second marriage but there are real people out there who have had more than one legit relationships in their lives and their stories need to be told too.

What I enjoy most about Haalim writing is that because we are ahead of digest. I have no “last date/deadline” pressure on me.

That makes my job much more relaxed and improves my writing.

I have challenged myself to write 100+ pages since april and I am SO enjoying it MashaAllah.

The only pressure is of you guys to “give episodes quickly” but I don’t mind it much since aap log tou apnay hain na 😉 Aap kay sath tou der sawer chal jati hai. Aap jitna shor machaayen, main ne episode poori kernay kay baad “lambi” hi deni hai.

But is dafa Haalim Episode 14  pichli dafa say jaldi aaye ge. InshaAllah.

Acha one more thing!

The next episode, the 14th one, is a very important episode because of the theme (that follows due to the girl Taaliyah terminated).

And I want all the girls and boys out there to carefully read every word related to that because sooner or later, in your practical work lives, you will need it.

And lastly, when I wrote the scene about Taaliyah terminating the girl, Gull said to me that it reminded her of how Taaliyah had fired the Royal Historian and hired Adam in his place in ancient times.

I was like, “is this the ONLY incident you noticed, girl?

Almost every second incident in New Era is a replica of what happened with the trio back in ancient Melacca but with different consequences!”

Have you guys noticed? Being a writer I would be horrified if you HAVENT! So please don’t be like Gull and enjoy Haalim more by drawing parallels between both times.

Let me know in comments how is your Ramadan going!

Nemrah Ahmed “

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