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Haalim has accomplished the Journey of 18th Episodes. Now we’re going in direction of Episode 19. for a lot of people who find themselves underneath impression that the approaching episode is 20, We have to make clear that the episode coming this time is HAALIM EPISODE 19. Haalim Episode 20 WILL be subsequent episode. Because of 2 components of episode 18. Readers are confused that this time episode 20 will Come. Allow us to share with you the title of Episode 19 i.e. Sakora Hanami. (The Viewers of Blossom season). Right here is the Hyperlink of Haalim Episode 19


Haalim Episode 20

Haalim Episode 20 is being pen down and after essentially the most tragic finish of Haalim Episode 18 Half 2 the brand new episode is bringing extra enjoyable. Some individuals name it Haalim Episode 20 however the coming episode is 19th. We count on to learn the Chapter 19 in February 2019 however there isn’t any date given from Author and Her staff. Additionally the Novel goes in direction of finish, the episodes are fairly un anticipated and delayed.

Nemrah is somebody who plots and twists in the most effective and most inventive methods in her novels.  Jannat Kay Pattay is her finest novel. One should learn the novel if haven’t learn. Mushaf is a very completely different exception

تالیہ : ’’ویسے کون سا سبجیکٹ پڑھ رہے ہو تم یونیورسٹی میں؟ ‘‘ 
جہان : ’’میں اس عمر میں سب کچھ کر سکتا ہوں‘ سوائے پڑھائی کے ۔‘‘
تالیہ نے گردن موڑ کے اسے سر سے پیر تک دیکھا ۔’’جھوٹ بولنے والے کی نشانی نمبر چھے تم میں اس وقت نظرآ رہی ہے۔‘‘
جہان : ’’ویری فنی ۔‘‘

Haalim Episode 20

For many who are considering the approaching episode is 20, Please be famous that the episode coming this time is 19th.