No U.S. team to root for this summer? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on how to become a bandwagon fan of this country.

With Argentina, Germany and Spain all already eliminated, Brazil is among the last teams standing among the World Cup heavyweights. 

But that isn’t really what’s dominating the conversation around the team.

Instead, it’s Neymar, and not because he has scored two goals, assisted on another and been an integral part of his team’s success so far in Russia. 

Neymar’s elaborate diving has been infuriating to watch, and has drawn strong criticism from former gamers and an opposing coach.

How ridiculous has Neymar’s flopping been at this World Cup? The Guardian reports that Neymar has spent 13 minutes and 50 seconds both mendacity or rolling on the bottom throughout this World Cup. That looks as if quite a bit.

Properly, KFC of South Africa put a hilarious twist on Neymar’s antics. First, it’s a must to watch this epic Neymar flop in Brazil’s 2-0 win over Serbia. You might say that he actually made a meal of that problem.

Now, watch this scrumptious bit of promoting.

The world eagerly waits to see what kind of on-field damage embellishment Neymar might need in retailer for sports activities followers against Belgium on Friday.

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