Unhappy Poetry Pics By Yagana Changezi

Sad Poetry Pics

Unhappy Poetry Pics By Yagana Changezi:

Sad Poetry Pics

Yagana Changezi poetry

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Unhappy Poetry Pics Of Yagana Changezi:

Mirza Yaas Yagana Changezi, an Urdu Poet from India and laid the bases for Urdu trendy He had born as Mirza Wajid Hussain in Patna India in 1884. Firstly, he had written poetry beneath the pen title “Yaas”. Then, he modified this pen title to “Yagana”.

On the age of 30, he revealed his first assortment of his poetry named as Nashtar e Yaas in 1914. In 1927, his second work Aayat e Wijdani revealed. Moreover, in 1933, the third assortment of poetry, Tarana, revealed. Along with these, he revealed the 2nd and third version of Aayat e Wijdani within the 12 months 1934 and 1945 respectively.  Additionally, his prose work contained the Ghalib e Shikan.

He handed away in Lucknow, India on February 2, 1956. Might Allah relaxation his soul in peace.

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