Serena Williams slams ‘shocking’ treatment over doping tests

Serena Williams slams 'shocking' treatment over doping tests

Athletes coming back from a protracted absence are sometimes the topic of repeated drug tests, as they’re seen as a part of a higher-risk class than athletes within the movement of normal competitors.

– ‘All about equality’ –

However, calling for equal treatment, the 23-time Grand Slam winner stated: “I had a dialog with the lead man with USADA. I feel he was talked about, as properly.

“How is it I am getting examined 5 occasions in June? It is solely June, I have been examined 5 occasions. I am okay with that.

“Actually verbatim, I stated, I am going with that, so long as everyone seems to be being handled equally. That is all I care about.

“I despise having individuals in our sport that are not being trustworthy. I am completely okay with testing and I encourage it.

“If that is testing everybody 5 occasions, let’s do it. Let’s be part of it. It is nearly being equal and never singling one individual out.

“Simply as a result of numbers, it seems to be like I am being pushed out. Simply take a look at everybody equally.”

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