Spiritual Poetry of Khawaja Mir Dard in Urdu and His Life History

spiritual poems

Spiritual Poetry and biography element of Khawaja Mir Dard

spiritual poems

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spiritual poetry

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Fast overview

Born in: Delhi, Mughal Empire

Birthday: 1720

Died: 1785

Father: Khawaja Muhammad Nasir Andaleeb

Khawaja Mir Dard, a Sufi saint and a mystic poet of Delhi college. He was among the many three poets of Delhi college of ideas. The opposite two have been Mir Taqi Mir and Sauda. All of them laid the bottom for the classical Urdu ghazal.

Youth and Schooling:

 Dard had born as Syed Khawaja in Delhi, Mughal Empire in 1720. He bought his training from his dwelling and discovered the Arabic and Persian. He had inherited Mysticism from his father, who was the mystic poet and saint. His father was additionally the founding father of the Muhammadi path.


He was the admirer of Mystic music each vocal in addition to instrumental. He normally organized night social gathering of music. Additionally, he discovered the music artwork to perfection. On the age of 28, he rejected the pleasures of earth and determined to guide a piety life. As well as, he additionally instructed others that they need to submit their will fortunately to the desire of Allah Almighty. Moreover, he had additionally a talent to transform his philosophy of Mysticism into his writings similar to ghazals. In his poetry, Urdu ghazals and Dewan of Persian are consists of. He made a differentiation between nafsi and lafzi, the 2 sorts of speech. He understood the teachings of the Holy Quran in depth, discovered in regards to the custom of the Prophet, and additionally in regards to the non secular literature. This positioned an necessary impact on his poetry.

His Spiritual Poetry:

As Mir Dard was Sufi and Mystic poet, So he had a big assortment of religious poetry. Due to this fact, some of his religious poetry is point out above photographs.

His notable work included Ilm ul Kitaab and Chahar  Risalat. Ilm ul Kitaab was the metaphysical work of about 600+ pages and had written on the philosophy of Muhammad path. One other, Chahar Risalat, was the compilation of sayings and mystical aphorisms.

He died on the age of 85 in 1785. Could Allah relaxation his soul in peace.

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