Haalim Episode 15 By Nemrah Ahmed

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Haalim Episode 15 By Nemrah Ahmed

Novel Namal By Nemrah Ahmed Haalim. New Haalim Episode 15 read online or download pdf file , one of the best novel among women around the world. After the Epi 14 Malaka e Abad (The Evil Queen).


Haalim Episode 15 Chunao “ The Elections” to see in July Mahnama Khawateen Digest . Now this month Episode is coming up with best twists as Nimra Ahmed Promised. Haalim epi by Nimrah Ahmed will be going to be publish in Khawateen digest July 2018. The Name 15th episode is Chunaao “The Elections”. Hence Haalim Episode 15 is more excited then Last ones.

جی تو ڈریمرز,آپ کے خیال میں حالم میں فاتح کو عصرہ کا سچ اگر قدیم ملاکہ میں پتہ چلا... تو کیسے پتہ چلا ہو گا؟ اپنے ذہین تکے شیئر کیجیے

haalim episode 15

By Nemrah Ahmed 

"Salam to all the readers- especially those waiting for Haalim! Hope you guys are well 🙂

Thank you for your ever-growing response and appreciation for Haalim. Episodes make you wait a lot, I DO know that, but thankfully, you guys have always been cooperative and understanding as compared to my 9 year old nephew who asks me on every phone call as to when I am going to send his mother the new episode so that she can read it out to him.

The day a new episode is uploaded, he and his 6 year old sister prepare breakfast for their mother (my sister) so that she can relax, sit back and tell them the story. My 5 year old niece would every day how many pages I have written and numbers the pages herself.

And the youngest nephew, who is 4 years old, doesn’t want to go to school and has already announced that he is going to become a writer because (he thinks) writers just sit at home and work and don’t go places.

So trust me, readers, I have got plenty of “pressurizing folks” around me who “scold” me everyday for not uploading the episode already 😉

InshaAllah we will be uploading the new episode on the 21st of this month. Please be more patient and more kind than the minions around me 😉


Halim the great writer Nemrah Ahmed and their team is making efforts to get you the best of this time with episode 15 , the new chappter is going to make you realize how beneficial your life is .

Now the books are also available in india.

Question for the readers .. Aur Faris Ghazi ko kon kisi baat kay liye Majboor kar sakta tha? han Sirf Wohi Majboor kar daita tha..... ??

haalim epi 15

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Furthermore Haalim Episode 14 by Nimra Ahmed has published in Khawateen Digest June Edition. However we let you know that the episode you read in monthly digest is far behind than the one we publish online. furthermore This will also available in markets for Urdu Novels lovers.

Furthermore Anyone who has not yet started reading this novel is recommended to read it from first Episode. We promise that this will change your mind.

Last Published on 16th night of Chand raat , it has 105 pages to read with exciting material.