Haalim Episode 18 part 2 – Haalim Episode 19

Haalim Episode 18 Part 2 – Or Haalim episode 19

Haalim By Nemrah Ahmed has alot of its episodes but this one is the most excited and has parts , the 1st part of haalim episode 18 was chor and jasoos was realsed a bit late .

But readers has entertained by the Part 1 , and also they were indulge with the meetings with Nemrah Ahmed .

Haalim Episode 18 Chor or jasoos part 1

So anxiously waiting for the next part ? maybe this is the last episode.

but lets  see what our Wirter Nemrah Ahmed decides to continue Haalim episodes or this makes the last part haalim.

Haalim Episode 18 part 2 will be released soon as you know .

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